IRC Shells Reselelrs

Specializes in providing Unix IRC Shells wherein you can host psyBNC / eggdrops / bitchX / irssi / BNC etc. You may use other popular bouncers as well like ezBounce and even psotnic bots. With our complete DDoS protection and 100 mbps fully dedicated port, you are completely secured. Our unix shell hosting starts at a amazing price lower than 2$ a month. Our shells come with a few pre-installed scripts for installation of psyBNC , BNC , eggdrop & BitchX. However if you are new to shells and need some help regarding setup, feel free to contact our friendly staff who will setup things quickly for you. With HOTServers LLC irc shells you are completely secured on the vulnerable IRC chat which uses p2p technology. With a wide-variety of vhosts to choose from, you wont get bored ever! And of-course if you need a custom vhost of your choice we would be glad to setup for you.