DDos Protection

If you are looking for DDoS protection you need to look no further. There are many ways we will help you protect your business or online game server. There are many different kinds of DDoS attacks such as SYN, DNS Amplification and spoofed IP attacks. These attacks can all be stopped by using the service we provid. Wondering how we do this? We monitor your traffic and make sure there are rules put in place if traffic is acting and is not "real" traffic.

Making sure you do not get fake traffic is good as it will save your money because it will be less of a load on the server you are using whether it be a dedicated server a game server or just for a website. Many people who build websites do not know that DDoS attacks exist and when one of them happen they are caught by surprise and then their website is down or the server they have a game hosted on gets courrupted. Website being down will hurt the business and make the search engines give them bad marks and with game networks or game servers it can make the game lose players which is bad for the person running the game because they will have less players.

The protection of your website or game server or dedicated server starts at 10GE and can be as much as 100GE. These prices are firm. We have our own IDS and NIDS to monitor the traffic. It is true that people want their website or dedicated server and even their game server up 24/7 any downtime can affect enduser and the way the search engines treat your website and the way in which you will be able to get more traffic to your website as loyal people who go to the website daily will not be happy it is down and then may never come back which would be the worst thing that could happen also when a game server is down the game can lose players because people think the game is not secure. It is true when your website is down people will think you are not professional or reliable and that is not something you want to be thought of your website so make sure to get the DDoS protection today.

Custom Firewall Rules

One more way we help you is with custom firewall for the website(s). This firewall will act as a blocker for fake traffic and bad traffic that will only hurt not help the website you are creating. Do not ever think a DDoS attack can not happen to you it happens all the time to big websites small websites and it can happen to you and this is why you need us to be ready to block the DDos attacks before they get your website down.

There are 2,923 DDoS attacks each day and the way to fight them off is with the service that this company provides and help websites and dedicated servers and even game servers stick around even when under fire. Don't let other people fool you into thinking it doesn't happen and that it is a stupid expense. You will be the one laughing when their website and/or dedicated server that is running a program for them is not up and yours is even with a DDoS attack. When you are ready to get DDoS protection sign up or contact us and we will be happy to get it to you. The support here is good and you will have no problem getting DDoS protection for the website and dedicated server that hosts programs or game server that hosts your game that you are working on right away and this will help make your project safe and secure.