Amsterdam NL DDos Protected Servers

Upto 100GE DDos Protected Servers

Specializes in DDos Protection (Upto 100Gbit) / Denial of Services mitigation for dedicated and collocated customers. All legal content is permitted on our network - if DMCA questions arise they will be forwarded on to customer for appropriate action. XXX / Adult content are allowed. Specialized HTTP filtering is available as an add-on for web customers. Semi-managed high volume and custom builds are available, contact sales team for details.

DDos Protected Servers solutions include Free 15Gbps DDos Protection at no extra cost with high performance Enterprise hardware, premium bandwidth. Our 24/7 management service if you choose! provide migration assistance to help get you up and running ASAP.

Our NIDS device captures inbound traffic, detects suspicious traffic and analyzes it provides the most appropriate filtering layers 3 - 7 rules to our firewalls. Our firewalls provide up to layer 7 filtering receiving filtering rules from NIDS and from our staff members but if for any reason NIDS becomes unavailable, the firewalls will start functioning independently. When an attack cannot get filtered differently, an IP null-route is applied. If the attack exceeds a specific number of Gbps (Gigabits per second) or Mpps (Million packets per second) depending on selected plan, additional ACLs may get applied.