HOT Deals

  • Gaming Server HOT Deal GTX 970

    • Intel E5-1620v2 4 Cores / 8 Threads 3.7 GHz / 3.9 GHz
    • 2 x GeForce GTX 970
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 2x 240GB SSD
    • Ethernet (NIC) 1Gbps
    • Dedicated 200Mbps Bandwidth
    • Free DDos Mitigation Shared 40 Gigabit (12Mpps)


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  • Core i5-2400 (Quad 2.66GHz)

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 2x 1.5TB HDD
    • Ethernet (NIC) 100Mbps
    • 10TB/Month Bandwidth
    • Free DDos Mitigation Shared 20 Gigabit (12Mpps)


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  • AMD -4334 (Hexa 3.1GHz)

    • 32 GB
    • 2x 2TB HDD
    • 1 Gbps
    • 10TB/Month Bandwidth
    • Shared 20 Gigabit (14Mpps)
    • Free Cpanel / Plesk


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Our Network

Backed by only premium bandwidth carriers, our network features two border routers, two core routers and redundant links to every one of our switches. The result is a powerful, reliable and fully redundant network for dedicated hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

DDos Mitigation

Specializes in DoS and DDoS attack protection and mitigation (Denial of Service) for TCP SYN floods, http GET and POST floods, UDP and DNS floods, ICMP floods, Spoofed IP Attacks, teardrop attacks and many more using our revolutionary SecurePort DDoS Protection Technology.

Data Centre

Our company provides dedicated hosting in a tier 4, highly secure facility. All dedicated servers are located in a SAS70 Type II certified facility featuring 12 redundant power feeds, N+1 redundancy, multiple security layers, and biometric hand-scanner access.

DDOS Protection

We are Specialized in DDoS protection form SYN/GET/POST/UDP/DNS Amplification/ICMP floods, Spoofed IP Attacks and many more. We have very own custom DDos protection available for Website Protection,Servers Protection,Game Servers Protection, Camfrog Servers Protection.

What our customers says

After being a Client for 3 months I can truly say Hotservers is one of the best in what they offer. My game server has been under several DDoS attacks and with the great help and service of Hot Servers we got it under control and didn’t had much downtime because of their fast response in times of attacks. Thanks to Hotservers we are still up and running and were getting a fast growing gaming community TYVM Hotservers You’re the best!

Developer Sanctuary Bart W